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Independent Electronic Bass Heavy Trip Hop Artist


Fashion x Film x Music—a Global Vision 


American singer, songwriter and producer Meganoke’s distinctive sound intertwines heavy beats with siren song vocals—nodding to a nostalgic past—while guiding you into an open future.  


The live music capitol of the world, Austin, Texas was the ideal foundation for Meganoke to hone her organic, sultry sound.  In her early year as an artist, she bought a Dodge Sprinter van, turned it into a living space and began to tour continuously, bringing to reality the phrase “Tour Life.”


Meganoke ranged the US from west to east, north to Canada, and across the seas to Reykjavik, London, Manchester, Oslo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Seoul, and Tokyo. Many miles and concert tours have been envisioned, organized and executed solo. But wherever Meganoke goes, she seeks to build creatively with artists of all kinds that cross her path. 


Concerts are not the only way in which Meganoke is prolific—an ever-growing library of collaborations with producers, film makers, designers, photographers, writers, painters and visual artists consists of 23 music videos, 7 albums, 3 EPs, and 7 singles,  100+ original paintings, free-verse wrtitings, and a upcycle street tech wear clothing line.

Cross market Fashion x Film X Art x music without borders and bringing together like minded creatives became the purpose and art in and of itself reason for doing anything at all.


Enter a world of creativity—where the talents of photographers, filmmakers and fashion designers across the planet are harnessed to conjure a visual world for Meganoke’s heart-stopping music. 



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